Charlotte Parent Moms@Work Event

This Autumn has started with lots of great events and seminars. I want to highlight one that I really enjoy and recommend to working moms in the Charlotte Metro area. It is an annual conference called Moms@Work hosted by Charlotte Parent magazine.

Last year I went as an attendee and enjoyed it so much that this year I decided to become a vendor! As a vendor I had a booth and offered a discount on my group services, which was listed in the virtual goody bag.

I loved meeting all the amazing women who were attending the event. Out of the services on my list, the mini-retreat workshops and work-life balance meet-up group seemed to be the biggest hits. Everyone needs more R&R time and support, especially moms.

I’m looking forward to participating in more conferences like this one…and, of course, the next Moms@Work in 2015!

(Photo taken while we were setting up. So exciting!)

M@W vendor pic 2



Your Wellness Coach Sponsors Charlotte Fashion Week!

This past week we had the exciting privilege to be a sponsor for Charlotte Seen’s Fashion Week. Flyers with our information went out in all the swag bags and I donated a health coaching package to the silent auction. I’m so proud to be able to help benefit Levine Children’s Hospital as part of the sponsorship package.

Your Wellness Coach is looking forward to participating next year too!