Group Health Coaching

Improve your organization’s health with online group coaching and on-site seminars.

Our mission is to boost wellness and improve health by coaching people through goal setting and the stages of behavior change. Through our group option, we make it convenient for people to participate in a process that encourages healthy lifestyle changes through health education and awareness.


Your Wellness Coach offers healthy lifestyle courses and  health seminars to augment your organization’s wellness programming. Our packages allow clients to improve their group’s health habits with our specialized service model, guiding clients to find ways to improve their health and lifestyle choices. Our results derive from instructor-led wellness programming developed to encourage people to become their healthiest selves.

The group wellness program can be an important complement to corporate benefits programs, or community organizations, that have an interest in promoting physical and emotional health to their members. We aim to serve your group as wellness champions, promoting a positive group environment through wellness education and coaching.

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