Charlotte Parent Moms@Work Event

This Autumn has started with lots of great events and seminars. I want to highlight one that I really enjoy and recommend to working moms in the Charlotte Metro area. It is an annual conference called Moms@Work hosted by Charlotte Parent magazine.

Last year I went as an attendee and enjoyed it so much that this year I decided to become a vendor! As a vendor I had a booth and offered a discount on my group services, which was listed in the virtual goody bag.

I loved meeting all the amazing women who were attending the event. Out of the services on my list, the mini-retreat workshops and work-life balance meet-up group seemed to be the biggest hits. Everyone needs more R&R time and support, especially moms.

I’m looking forward to participating in more conferences like this one…and, of course, the next Moms@Work in 2015!

(Photo taken while we were setting up. So exciting!)

M@W vendor pic 2