Why Wellness Coaching

Learn how our wellness coaches work to support you.

A wellness coach empowers and guides you to make positive lifestyle choices that enhance your well-being.


At Your Wellness Coach, we integrate health expertise alongside intuitive coaching to help you reach your health goals. Your Wellness Coach offers one-on-one health coaching, small group weight-management programs, and seminars on a range of health topics.

We focus on three specialized services:

Personalized, one-on-one health coaching programs run over a 22-week period with weekly access to your personal health coach. Assistance with various topics, including weight management, healthy eating habits, and stress reduction, is available.

Small group lifestyle- and weight-management programs run eight weeks, meet once a week online, and focus on a multi-faceted approach to healthy lifestyle choices. These group meetings are held online so that clients can access the coursework as it suits their schedule.

Speaking engagements can be booked for groups, and organizations can choose presentation topics from a menu of health-related options.

Learn more about our group health coaching or individual health coaching programs.